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Hi there! We feel it could be interesting for you all having some information about a lovely place:  the salty lagoons of La Mata and Torrevieja. These landscapes were declared as “Natural Park” by the Valencian Community in 1989, while its environmental values were worldly recognised since 1972 by RAMSAR. These areas are perfect for hiking routes and breathing in the fresh air and the comfort that nature offers.

Both lagoons have a total area of 3743 hectares located in Guardamar del Segura, Los Montesinos, Rojales and Torrevieja. However, it is in Torrevieja where we can find one of the main ones and it is also where we can find the exploitation of salt of the city itself.

Regarding the lagoon of La Mata, which has around 700 hectares of surface and it is 1,5 km from Torrevieja.  As a matter of fact, both lagoons are separated by an anticline known as El Chaparral.

With regards to the native flora, it is composed by species which are able to resist the high level of salinity of the waters. They are found on the zones surrounding the lagoon. Because of the absence of aquatic plants, we can rarely find any plants; except for the so-called “Dunaliella”, seaweed that makes the waters have a red colour. The most common species in these areas are reed, rushes and tamarit.

As for the fauna, on the one hand flamingos (up to 2000 specimens) and black zambullins (around 3000 specimens) stand out. On the other hand, we can discover some avian species such as storks, white tarros, grey eaglets, avozets… amongst others. The best way to see the waterbirds when visiting the lagoons is to take a telescope or some binoculars.

We hope you feel curious, and maybe, visit them. We think it is worthwhile.

See you soon!

The private hospital IMED Elche belongs to IMED Hospital’s group, which is a business conglomerate with a strong presence in the province of Alicante. Nowadays, they have 3 general hospitals located in Benidorm, Elche and Valencia and 2 polyclinics in Teulada and Torrevieja. IMED Hospitals count with over 1.000 prestigious professionals and it is known for offering a personalised healthcare service and for having also the highest quality  technology in their facilities. Therefore, IMED has been awarded by IMTJ because of “best use of medical technology”. In addition, IMED Hospitals attended around 500.000 patients in 2016 and an amount of 100.000 surgeries.

With regards to the hospital in Elche, we shall say that it was inaugurated in 2011 and it is placed in Elche’s Indsutrial park, in Spanish “Parque Elche Empreserial”, between Elche and Torrellano. To arrive there, we can take the AP-7 motorway or the A-31.

This hospital counts with 24.500 m2, has 98 rooms, 8 of them are suites, and they are divided into 3 differents hospitalization units. The number of the available rooms could be added until 140.

Among its facilities, we can find hospitalization, intensive care, digital radiology, laboratory, a surgery block, urgencies, rehabilitation, support units and medical examinations. So, we can say that this Medical Centre offers the same services as a Public Hospital and has a faster waiting list with a personalised service.

In addition, it owns private clinics totally integrated like an odontology clinic, a medical beauty clinic, a physiotherapist clinic and an obesity unit…  Elche´s IMED hospital also has pioneering techniques such as Kinetic Track; a 20 metres field able to analyse how we walk.

There is also a large list of insurance companies that have agreements with IMED. Dealing with foreign patients, it also has agreements with Dutch, Scandinavians, Germans and British insurance companies. Among the most important ones, we can find Adeslas, AEGON, DKV, AXA, and Caser.

Whether you want to consult if your Insurance Company has an agreement with this hospital, we recommend you to get in contact with the centre.

The hospital of IMED Elche has agreements with Mutual Insurance Companies as well as Travel Insurances. It means that its patients could be attended 24 hours in any part of the world. We shall mention that among a small group of these companies we have the so-called “Generali”, “Groupama”, “Mapfre”, “Asepeyo” and “Sanitas”.

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Torrevieja Quiron Hospital belongs to the prestigious Quiron Hospital Group, an international reference and renowned. It is the largest private hospital network in Spain that offers us as many general hospitals, day hospitals, assisted reproduction centres, vision centres as specialists’ consultations centres.

Specifically, Torrevieja’s hospital is as well general and specialized consultations centre:

  • Paediatric Allergies and Immunology
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Clinical Analysis
  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Anaesthesiology and Reanimation
  • Angiology and Vascular Surgery
  • Digestive Tract
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Obesity Surgery
  • General and Digestive Tract Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Oncological Surgery
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma
  • Hip Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Foot Surgery
  • Knee surgery
  • Plastic, Cosmetic and Reparative Surgery
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Coloproctology unit
  • Genetic Counselling
  • Dermatology
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Prenatal Diagnostics
  • Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias
  • Digestive Endoscopy
  • Nursing care
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Oncological Gynaecology
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Haematology and Haemotherapy
  • Haemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology
  • Speech therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Cosmetic Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • Intensive Medicine and Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Pulmonology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurophysiology
  • Neurology
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Nutrition
  • Odontostomatology
  • General Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Paediatrics
  • Podiatry
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiological physics
  • Interventional radiology
  • Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • Rheumatology
  • Spinal Unit
  • Pain Unit
  • Breast Unit
  • Pelvic Floor Unit
  • Sleep Disorder Unit
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Urodynamic and Urinary Disorder Testing
  • Urology

Therefore, the offer of medical and health services is wide. The private hospital of Torrevieja is especially relevant in the medical oncology area, till it has become a centre of reference in this field.

Previously known as Hospital San Jaime, Quiron Torrevieja places the patient at the centre of health care, leaving the health of patients in expert hands, not only the most qualified professionals but also the latest technology. In addition, patients and families receive exceptional care and attention.

It has more than 22.000 m2, 120 single rooms, 4 suites, with a separate living room and a modern ICU with 12 separate pits, two specially equipped for patients requiring isolation for infectious diseases or immunodeficiency, 5 operating theatres, 1 endoscopy room and others enabled equipment with the latest technology such as Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.

The hospital is available 365 days a year, providing quality health care, emergency service 24 hours and free interpreters, an added value particularly suitable for the big community of foreign residents living in towns like Torrevieja, La Mata, Orihuela Costa , Benidorm, Alicante and Denia.


Hospital Quiron Torrevieja

Partida La Loma without number

03184 – Torrevieja (Alicante)

Telephone: +34 966921313