Ferris Cove. Perhaps, the best beach in Torrevieja


There are a lot of parts in Torrevieja which have been and will be photographed for eternity by each and every one of the people who visit this beautiful city of Alicante: the Natural Park of La Mata, Torrevieja salt lakes, the Tower of the Moor, the East dock, the Water Mill Park, the main front or the inside of the Casino of Torrevieja are only some of them.

Just now we are referring to an image that by its nature, beauty and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea shines with its own light. We are talking about beach called Ferris Cove.

The beach-cove Ferris is located at south of Torrevieja. It borders the beaches of Punta Prima in the municipality of Orihuela Costa. Ferris beach is an open sea beach characterized by calm waters that are clean, clear and crystalline. The sand on the seashore is golden, fine and clean while inside the water is mixed with pebbles.

It is a beach surrounded by small cliffs and coves, away from both the urban core and the many coastal and adjacent developments. Also, it stresses because it is surrounded by numerous palm trees, sand dunes and abundant vegetation and fauna. The songs of goldfinches, greenfinches, starlings and sparrows accompany us in our relaxing moments near the sea. Their songs are interspersed with the come and go of the waves. Turtledove, pigeons, parrots and wood pigeons turn to the vegetation that grows in the fields of Ferris to get from palm trees, trees and plants their daily food.

Being surrounded by small cliffs and the distance that separates it from other beaches in Torrevieja, with bigger occupation density allows Ferris beach to be home to larger quantity and diversity of marine species. The depth of the clean water invites us to immerse ourselves in them for diving, fishing or simply watching the marine nature in the purest state.

Definitely, it is a corner of Torrevieja with special interest to anyone who needs to relax and relaxation, looking at the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea moments of inspiration, calm, peacefulness, serenity and tranquillity.