Visit Carmen Island in Cala Capitán beach


Perhaps due to its fine sand, the turquoise colour of waters or by its unique surroundings, but the truth is that Cala Capitán is one of the best beaches around the Orihuela Mediterranean coast. With a length of 157m. long and 85 wide, it show off blue flag since 2003 and the Q for Quality Tourism.

It is located between La Zenia and Cabo Roig beaches. It is accessible to disabled from the Cala Capitán Street, as well as from the surrounding streets that lead into this beautiful and wide beach. We can also arrive here from the stairs located on Velero Avenue, where we can observe not only the size and beauty of this romantic beach, but also the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. It is odd to see dolphins shoals on the horizon. They get close to this calm water to have food and play with each other.

On the Cala Capitán beach stands out a small island called Carmen´s Island, accessible from the seashore of the beach and located a short distance. From it we can sunbathe and practice diving, scuba diving and fishing.

We invite you to visit this romantic beach, to spend a day sunbathing and having relaxing baths, enjoying Mediterranean cuisine –that you can taste in different bars that are placed around here– and wait for the sunset to enjoy a passionate evening next to to the seashore.

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Dolphins in Cala Capitán

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Cala Capitán beach