Multilingual education in Spain. Villamartin Limonar School in Villamartin, international school where students and families learn and enjoy at the same time


Some of the main features of the Spanish society are the great cultural and linguistic diversity, and the warm welcome offered by our country to people who come to live all year in Spain, especially in the Mediterranean Coast.

Spanish society is international, multicultural and global. Educational system adapts to this enriching process, expanding its educational offer with the multilingual system. There are many schools that teach their students in more than one language.

This time, we are going to talk about International Limonar Villamartin School, an international private school located in San Miguel de Salinas that gives courses to children from 3 to 18 years old, and it is accredited by NABSS and approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

In International Limonar Villamartin School, 80% of the subjects are taught in English and 20% in Spanish. Therefore, both languages ​​are vehicular common ​​of instruction.

Throughout their schooling, students take exams in Cambridge English and Trinity College and also have the opportunity to learn Chinese and French.

Upon completion of studies, students are awarded with Certificate of Studies (English and Spanish) which gives them access to national and international universities. Up to now, 100% of its graduate students have been accepted to universities marked as first choice.

Other unique elements of the centre are highlighted, as continuous monitoring of students by the guidance department, ranging from speech therapy support in the lower stages to career guidance in higher grades; parent workshops that address diversity issues interactively and from a practical approach; called Family Club, free activities for families (whether or not enrolled their children in school) one Saturday a month; summer school during July and work experience for senior pupils.

Limonar International School is a school of reference in international education with over 20 years experience in the training of multilingual children, acquiring oral and written fluency in English and Spanish. They develop communication skills based on agile and well structured thinking as an open and inquisitive through logical-mathematical and scientific reasoning while they gain a biculturalism very enriching.