Enjoy a trip to Tabarca Island (I)

Iglesia de Isla Tabarca
Iglesia de Isla Tabarca

Only 30 hectares, 1.800 meters long and 450 wide, Tabarca Island, or also known as Isla Plana or New Tabarca. It is the largest island in Valencian Community, and in turn the only inhabited island of the Levantine autonomous community.

Locally known as Tabarca Island it is near La Cantera, La Galera and Neo islets, and together form the Tabarca archipelago, a spectacular ocean, scenic and historic settlement located in the Mediterranean Sea, very close to Santa Pola.

During the fifteenth century is was known as other names like Planesia, Planaria, Plana, Santa Pola Islet or San Pablo Island and was a refuge for Barbary pirates. In the eighteenth century, King Carlos III ordered its fortification, and the uprising of the people of Tabarca to accommodate large families of fishermen from Genoa who had been captivated in Tabarka, a Tunisian city.

Example of its architectural beauty, is the fact that its beautiful walls were declared a Historical and Cultural Interest Property last 27th of August of 1964.

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