How can I save money on my electricity bill?


As we all know, the electricity rate has recently increased. Here are some power saving tips that won’t affect your quality of life.

Heating appliances consume the most energy, accounting for more than half of the total energy costs. Therefore, it is advisable to have good thermal insulation. PVC is a good choice to prevent heat escaping. Curtains and carpets are also great insulators, especially if placed in colder areas.  Another piece of advice is that we should, of course, benefit from the sun hours in order to heat our homes without the need of expending. In addition, it is a waste of energy to cool or to heat the house if we are not indoors. We must take into account that an only 1 degree extra can increase power costs by 7%.

Regarding lighting, we must not forget about using LED bulbs. Their power consumption is 85% less that traditional bulbs. Whilst we are keeping our homes warm, we should also be aware of devices and appliances which are left on standby. This is a common mistake when turning off but not disconnecting electronic devices. According to Eurostat this could account for 7% of the total consumption, which amounts to 7000 million euros annually.

We should also mention that a Class A+++ fridge can cost almost 70% less than a middle range one. Although they can be more expensive to buy, the running costs will be less in the long run.

Also water tends to be another important factor concerning energy saving.  Years ago it was necessary to always wash with hot water.This is no longer the case.  We should all consider shorter showers and using cold water detergents.

We hope you found this interesting.  Be back soon!