It is now time for one of the most charismatic festivals of the year, Halloween


Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated on 31 October and today, although its origin is very different, is intended for young people, who, during the eve of this day, come to the doors of their neighbours with the famous trick or treating for sweets and candy. This festivity, of Anglo-Saxon origin, is celebrated in many parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Spain, and in much of Latin America. But do you know the history of Halloween? We decided to investigate the origin of this day to tell you all you need to know about Halloween.

Halloween is a contraction of the English for All Hallows’ Eve and in Spanish means All Saints Eve. The origin of this feast we find in the Samhain, a former Irish festival which celebrated the end of the season, giving way to what they called the Celtic New Year.

During this time, there were many who thought that the Celts Samhain opened a door with another world that hosted the ghouls, some with good intentions and others with not so good… It was here where the tradition of trick or treating originated, through the expansion of an ancient Celtic legend. According to this, the spirits could roam freely, and among them all, there was one particularly evil that called at the doors of the villagers, offering two options: on the one hand, was the trick, by which the spirit would trigger a series of misfortunes against anyone who selected this Option. On the other hand, there was the possibility of choosing a treat, which consisted of a pact with the spirit, an agreement to not perform any evil.  At the same time, the legend also tells us that the villagers used pumpkins which they customized into horrific forms, to ward off evil spirits.

Today children choose between tricks, causing mischief, or treats, thus receiving a generous amount of candy. Pumpkins, known as Jack-o’-lantern, are very popular today.

And this is how a feast of many centuries has evolved with the passage of time up to what we understand today as Halloween.

How do you celebrate this feast?

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