The orange, the most famous citrus of La Vega Baja


La Vega Baja stands out for many aspects, but perhaps the best known of all is due to their oranges, and that is that the excellent climate of this area, along with the know-how of the farmers, these have unsurpassed quality. Its taste, its freshness and its great benefits to our health is what has led us to write about this fruit so popular.

As you know, the orange is an important source of vitamin C, which is essential for our body, brings advantages such as the strengthening of our immune system, helps us to aging well. In addition, it also facilitates the digestion, purifying, and calm the stress and depression. Not to mention how beneficial it is to our skin, as it helps to rebuild the skin and repair damaged tissues.

In addition, this fruit is so appreciated to be consumed in several ways. Either through direct intake, or by natural juices. In addition, it is the perfect companion for the preparation of salads, giving them a sweet touch and different, and desserts, it is well known that the orange combines perfectly with the chocolate as the acid taste so characteristic along with the sweetness of the chocolate offers a unique flavor.

We hope that you have learned a bit more about this beloved fruit. From We encourage you to consume on a daily basis.

See you soon!