Learn to cook a tasty Spanish potato salad


If you go to a bar to drink a beer or wine and waiter ask which tapa do you want, possibly one of the first dishes that come to mind is a tasty Spanish potato salad. There are many versions: with or without tuna, seafood, peas, boiled potatoes… But the truth is that all are delicious. What is your favorite?

Know how to make a Spanish potato salad.


• 4 potatoes
• 2 carrots
• 2 eggs
• 100 gr. pickled vegetables
• 12 black olives
• 2 cans of tuna in oil
• 250 gr. mayonnaise
• ½ liter water
• Salt

Recipe to prepare a Spanish potato salad

• We put water in a pan with salt. We put potatoes and carrots previously washed.
• We boil eggs in a separate pot with water until they were cooked.
• We remove from the fire, immerse in cold water and let chill before peeling it.
• We cut up potatoes and deposite them in a large platter.
• We separate whites from the yolks of the boiled eggs. We cut up whites with potatoes. We reserve the yolks.
• We drip tuna oil and flake it over the potatoes and carrots.
• We drain pickled vegetables and deposited it on the dish.
• We spread mayonnaise largely on the dish. Save a little mayonnaise to decorate.
• Mix it uniformly. With the help of a spoon, we pressure press slightly the mixture.
• With a knife we flatten the mixture of ingredients. We add over mayonnaise we had booked.
• Finally we decorate with hatched yolks of the eggs and sliced black olives.

Like others Spanish recipes, there are many versions of the same dish. Cooked prawns, roasted red pepper… can be added to Spanish potato salad. And for example, in Murcia, is served on the top of roscas or doughnut of bread and over decorated with an anchovy in oil. They are the famous “marineras” of Murcia.