Wine of La Mata-Torrevieja has great taste and wine tradition


Fruit of the care with which the Merseguera grapes grow in the heart of the Natural Park of La Mata and wine tradition of handmade procedures (manual collection, production in clay jars, cold fermentation) high quality wines are obtained to accompany the exquisite dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Undoubtedly, the Natural Park of La Mata environment could not come more delicious and appetizing white wine, with certificate of origin.

Simon Martinez Perez is the quintessential vintner of La Mata. He knows every corner of the Natural Park of La Mata and the Merseguera grapes perfectly, which year after year grows in sandy and arid lands of this place. The centenary vineyards sprout above them in spring, those that escaped from the phylloxera plague of the 19th century, which destroyed most of the wine production of the Spanish East.

From his father, Cayetano Martinez Ferrandiz, he inherited the family business and the art of growing grapes and producing wine in La Mata. However, experience comes formerly because his grandfather, Simon Martinez Aracil, born in La Rioja, land of Spanish wine par excellence, learned the cultivation of native and muscatel grapes grapevines, the Merseguera grape.

The alcohol content of different wines of La Mata is between 14 and 15 degrees. Thus, the dry and sweet wine and vermouth is 15 degrees while the semi-dry is 14.

Such is the uniqueness and quality of the wines of La Mata that since 2010 they are part of the protected Alicante certificate of origin. And it is due to its great environmental and heritage value. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the salt lakes of La Mata and Torrevieja, and the fact that the vines are planted on sand, hanging in there the strength of the sun and retaining humidity in the base, make these vineyards plantations extraordinary strength. Undeniably these facts printed on the flavour, bouquet and taste of the wines of La Mata very peculiar characteristics: Mediterranean, salt, fresh touch, light, low acid touch and plain structure.

We cannot let this opportunity go. So we will drink a toast with a glass of La Mata wine, looking towards the horizon of Mediterranean Sea after a walk through the wine route of the Natural Park. It will allow us to see this cultural and environmental tradition.