Historical and cultural interest monuments. Visit the Archpriest Church of Torrevieja ”Inmaculada Concepción”


On our tour of the main corners of the Mediterranean Sea, this time we will stop to know the most important characteristics of a historic building located in the beautiful city of Torrevieja. We refer to the Church of “Inmaculada Concepción”. It is located in the main square called Constitution Square, in the heart of the city of Torrevieja, next to its Town Hall and a few meters from the beach and bay.
This religious building was built around 1789. Years later, in 1829 the city was devastated by an earthquake that destroyed, among other monuments, “Torre Vigia”, the building whose name was given to this city of Alicante and that is situated next to the “Eras de la Sal”. Well, curiously, some of the materials that survived of that “Torre Vigia” were used for reconstruction of the present Church of “La Inmaculada” of Torrevieja. Therefore, in this Church survives much of the history of this town.
Artistically, its lines are neo-classical, its plant is a Latin cross and is covered with a barrel vault with lunettes in the main nave and edges on the sides. The pillars and pilasters are topped with compounds capitals (Ionic and Corinthian). In addition, the choir of the temple is located inside, near the front of the main entrance. Attending a religious ceremony and enjoying its tunes is an experience recommended by Quiero Playa to all who visit this city bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Outside we can see the two towers and bell towers turned into most photograph places by everyone who visits Torrevieja.
On the main altar is situated the image of the “Inmaculada Concepción”, patron saint of Torrevieja in whose honor, each 8th December, the festivities are celebrated with many festive and fun-religious activities such as masses, processions, concerts, traditional food and sporting events.
We invite you to learn nearest this building in your visit and stay in Torrevieja. Also, we invite you to visit its website www.parroquiainmaculada.com where you can know timetable of masses. You can also visit virtually the temple from this link.