Welcome to Paradise, a beach in Villajoyosa with natural charms


Villajoyosa (also known as La Vila Joiosa) has over twelve kilometers of beaches and coves in the Costa Blanca Mediterranean Sea. Most are fine golden sand, but also with smooth loose stone and pebbles. For the more adventurous, Villajoyosa has also several coves and sea caves that are accessible walking, swimming or in small boats. The mutual point to all of them are clean, salty, clear and turquoise blue waters, so characteristic of the Mediterranean.

Racó del conill, Torres, Estudiantes (Tío Roig and Varadero), Centro, Paraíso, Bol Nou, L’Esparrelló, Caleta and Xarco are the most important. In this post we will talk about the Paradise beach –known as Paradís by the natives– and its environment and services.

Despite being one of the favorite beaches for people who live or visit Villajoyosa, its occupation is average, even in high season. Because it is a wide beach, 1.060m. long and 25m. width.

Paradise beach of Villajoyosa receives the blue flag distinctive thanks to its cleanliness, as well as the different services it offers to our delight: access for disabled, rescue equipment in summer, parking, footbaths, wastepaper baskets, umbrellas and ships renting, beach bars both day and night. Yorkos Paradis or Paradise beach bar are just some examples. Moreover, natural vegetation based on Mediterranean palm trees gives us the chance to protect from the sun.

For lovers of sailing, Paradise is only 3 km. from marina and even has bus service. If like us, you are one of those who spend countless hours discovering the quiet bottom of the sea because El Paraíso has also an especially recommended area for trainee or specialists divers on drag.

Sunbathing lying on the sand, resting on a airbed in the Mediterranean Sea, walking along the shore or even accessing the slope of the small hill dominated by the The Malladeta Tower are some of the pleasures that can be enjoyed on the beach Paradise of Villajoyosa.

33. Playa El Paraiso Villajoyosa_2
Paradise beach
33. Playa El Paraiso Villajoyosa_4
Paradise platja
33. Playa El Paraiso Villajoyosa_5
Beach in Villajoyosa
33. Playa El Paraiso Villajoyosa_6
Beach in La Vila Joiosa
33. Playa El Paraiso Villajoyosa_2
Beach in the Costa Blanca
33. Playa El Paraiso Villajoyosa_9
Beach in Mediterranean Sea
33. Playa El Paraiso Villajoyosa_11
The Malladeta Tower
33. Playa El Paraiso Villajoyosa_12
Tower in Vilajoyosa