Tips to take advantage of the wardrobe´s space


Tips to make more room in cabinets, drawers, drawers and shelves.

Are you one of those people that live in a relatively small house and like to keep all kinds of clothes, shoes and souvenirs? If your two answers are yes, you should know some tips and tricks to maximize the space of your closets and drawers.

Basically you need
– Know the available spaces: rooms, closets, drawers, shelves …
– Ask yourself what do I need to save? Can I recycle, donate or resell something you do not use?
– Classify your storage and keep in order. Because it will help you find it quickly when you need it.
– You must keep in mind also that you may need to allocate part of your budget to buy more cabinets, drawers or boxes to store your belongings. Although it can also make them yourself.

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This must be the strategy to take full advantage of the spaces
– Empty your wardrobe (drawers, drawer, box or shelf).
– Clean it and begins to reorganize.
– Learn your wardrobe and dimensions as well as the items that you are going to keep in it. Note that you must leave free space available for new objects.
– Save and stores only the objects that you are going to need and use. Replace them with others, assign, give away or resell. This can be an excellent strategy to get more space and feel better to let go of these objects have not used for years.
– Sorts objects. Those that are the same or similar you can stack them and compile them. This will gain inches in your closet.
– Those that you use less or seasonally, save in different spaces to the regulars. Put items you use less in less accessible places.
– Some people use the space we have under the bed to store shoes, carpets … Actually it also stores dust and dirt. It is best done in storage boxes that allow us to sort and store objects. And at the same time helps the cleaning of these sites which are often uncomfortable when cleaning.
– Using labels and different colors are distinctive to classify products. It will save you time when looking for them.
– And finally, to facilitate and improve the preservation of products you need to protect them from dust, sun, possible moisture, insects and mammals. For example, it is advisable to store clothes in plastic bags against moths and dust. Like the metal or silver products should be stored wrapped in cloths soft fabrics.

As we have seen, cleanliness, order and think before placing are essential. Now we just need to implement it.